Airlux participated in the first CIIE and successfully concluded
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Airlux participated in the first CIIE and successfully concluded

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From November 5 to 10, 2018, the 2018 CIIE was held in Shanghai, known as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The first Import Expo is the world's first national level expo with import as its theme so far and it is a great achievement in the history of international trade development.

During the exhibition, the daily visitor flow exceeded 250,000 and the venue was exceptionally popular with high praise. In response to the needs of consumers and in order to better and comprehensively showcase the advanced technology and style of various countries, the exhibition at the National Exhibition Hall has been postponed to November 24th. Airlux was invited to participate in this CIIE with new Multifunctional Health Preserving Pot and Heat Preservation Cup Mat and received unanimous praise.

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